Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to get involved in your yoga community. Group activities cultivate joy and connection in our lives, experiences necessary to thrive. Together we create a space where it is safe to self-study and connect to ourselves and others. Classes are designed for all levels and all bodies. To be followed by a yogi tea and a chance to chat all things yoga.


If you are struggling with chronic pain, anxiety/stress, or a general dissatisfaction with the way things are, book a consultation so that we can work towards creating a personalised plan. Together we will look at how chronic pain, anxiety/stress, and self-estrangement operate in the brain and body, and what can be done to relieve it.

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Private Classes

Private classes are designed to cultivate a deeper understanding of yoga and connection to your body.  You do not need to be flexible or muscular to practice yoga. All you need is a body, and your breath. We have the capacity to regulate our nervous system through movement, the breath, and cultivating awareness. One on one sessions are personalised to fit your needs, supporting you a practice that helps you find relief, strength, and peace.

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself, reduce stress, release blocked emotions, improve self-esteem, and relief pain. Language gives us the power to change, by cultivating awareness, bringing the subconscious into the conscious, and giving meaning to our lived experience. Book a session to explore any of these themes through a guided expressive writing workshop.

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The Thrive Program

The Thrive program is designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed. This personalised program includes 10 one-on-one sessions of coaching, yoga, meditation, and expressive writing, as well as unlimited access to group classes for three months. You will also receive a free portfolio of all the sessions and strategies covered. Browse Thrive's services and get in contact to find out more. Your first consultation is free.