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Thrive's Philosophy

You already have everything you need.

Thrive philosophy is based on the truth that you already have everything you need to flourish. The ingredients are there, but the recipe may be missing. A Thrive program is not therapy, and you are not a patient receiving care. You are an active agent in charge of the process and responsible for the results. In order to cultivate a deeper, more connected relationship with yourself and your inherent power, I will act as a guide and a source of knowledge along the way as you create and realise your own objectives.

What it means to thrive

Combining theories of human flourishing in yogic philosophy and Western psychology, I offer the view that what it means to thrive is to be connected. Connected to our bodies, minds, environment, and the present moment. When we are connected, we are aware. Aware of ourselves, who we are, where we stand in the world, and how we relate to others. Cultivating this awareness and connection is essential to our well-being. Thrive is committed to interrupting any disconnect, and restoring our natural inner network, so that we may clear obstacles preventing us from fully enjoying life.